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“A picture is worth a thousand words” has been a true statement forever, but not all of the resulting words rise above the din. Re-Imagination is the visual equivalent to the use of adjectives in language and brings excitement and clear meaning to the viewer’s experience. By drawing upon simple adjustments or bringing in whole new elements, a straightforward photo can make an impassioned statement. Disparate images photographed from different sources can be bought together to create a theme that not only is cohesive, but defines what they all have in common.



Photography is, more often than not, created without the end use in mind. A beautiful vertical portrait that has to live in a horizontal space. An interior that you want to live in, but you are unable to read a the body copy that must overlay the image. The only stock image available of the subject is less than dazzling. With attention to final layout, images can be recomposed, color corrected and elevated to higher quality, thus emphasizing in harmony with what your design is out to accomplish. Through understanding a clients brand, images can be enhanced to fit in that realm, rather than the other way around.

All projects are approached with a focus on using a delicate touch that will result in a natural finished product with fine artistic sensitivity. Thru detailed handwork, portraits, fashion and beauty images are enhanced through blemish removal, uniform skin tones, garment adjustment and controlled hair. With a keen knowledge of human anatomy, color theory and current trends, this type of retouching is done with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.



A recent offering is the optimization of SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images. With the introduction of color and other enhancements, each image is handworked down to the smallest of details. Each image is unique in its approach to color choices creating a stunning glimpse into the microscopic world.

Image production done by those solely from design backgrounds tends to feel like harsh graphic objects, as opposed to living and breathing elements. An optical foundation is the best approach to such tasks as silhouetting a subject from the background, so that the the lines are realistic and natural with attention to detail and color. Then, understanding  how to prepare the files for incorporation into the design or animation workflow is carried through. Using the Client Lounge or third party file sharing services, hideoutLAB has become a vital partner in many client workflows. For ongoing relationships, rates are fair and on time turnaround is always a priority.